Entry #1

Here is What I do.

2010-03-21 21:27:53 by DamonHix

So! I'm a Photographer mainly.
I sketch and draw whatever comes to mind, It's art.
I make Youtube videos.

I'm a really friendly guy.
I don't consider the internet serious business.
I express everything.

That's pretty much an opening post thingy sooo...

Suck it. (:


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2010-03-22 05:26:03

Hey, I had a look at you're YouTube, you seem like a great guy.

You seem happy with yourself, enjoy having a laugh, but have developed you're own thoughts and opinions on things. It's nice to see, anyways, i'm just wondering if you'd want to check out my YouTube.

I'm really, really new to it. But i'm really enjoying it. It's given me a great opportunity to get in touch with (and hear back from) some of my favorite artists.

Anyways, I won't spam the link here incase you're not really bothered. But send me a personal message and i'll give you the link.